Due to the length of some of the reports listed below, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to download them.

Revised Corrective Measures Study Report — Submitted October 12, 2010

GE submitted to EPA a Revised Corrective Measures Study Report for the Rest of River. The report evaluates various alternatives for addressing the sediments and floodplain soils in the Rest of River area and for handling sediments or soils removed from the river and floodplain.

Download the full report — including cover letter, executive summary, report text, tables and figures. (5.6 MB) (You can download the report components and appendices separately below.)

Report components:


Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives Using Sound Ecological Assumptions — Submitted October 12, 2010

Full report – including report text, tables, figures and attachments. (2.5 MB)

Report components:

Example Areas Analysis Report — February 2010

Work Plan for Evaluation of Additional Remedial Alternatives — August 2009

Full report – including report text, figures and appendices (PDF 29.6 MB)

Report components:

Response to EPA’s Interim Comments on CMS Report Housatonic River — Rest of River — March 2009

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